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Become A Member

SASK TERRA GROUP INC. is a non-profit corporation which supports, develops and promotes work in ceramics by Saskatchewan artists.


Sask Terra Group Inc membership gives you access to:

  1. Touring members exhibitions

  2. Representation on the Sask Terra Group Inc. website

  3. Educational opportunities

  4. Workshops and symposiums


Membership Categories:

  1. Regular: Open to all residents of Saskatchewan. Entitled to vote at all meetings of members. Membership Fee: $30.00 

  2. High School / University Student: Free

  3. Family: Open to all residents of Saskatchewan. Each member is entitled to vote at all meetings of members. Membership Fee: $30.00 for the first member and $15.00 for each additional member at the same address

  4. Associate: Open to non-residents of Saskatchewan. Not entitled to vote.
    Membership fee: $ 30.00

    • Memberships are renewed annually on April 1st  
    • Cheques are payable to SASK TERRA
    • Etransfers can be sent to

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